Hello, I’m Brian. I’m the founder and ceo of Visible Measures, a leading content advertising company that has raised over $70mm in venture capital, headquartered in Boston, MA. I am also the Founder and Chairman of Mustbin, a venture-backed mobile startup.  I believe that entrepreneurs (and startups) should be “hungry yet humble” as they attack opportunities and markets.

I have been a member of 8 startups, 4 of which I helped to start.  All of them (with the exception of Visible Measures which I am working on now and MustBin which I just started) have either gone public, been acquired, or grown to profitability. Some highlights: I was early and “lowest-on-the-totem-pole” at Allaire Corp, which eventually went public and was acquired by Macromedia (now Adobe). I left Allaire to co-found a web CRM company called Cambridge Intelligence; it was acquired by MSGi (a CMGi company).  I then co-founded an internet collaboration software company called Creative Aspects which was acquired by Medsite (now WebMD).  I later started a web development firm called Infraweb, which made an XML-based content management platform. I then went to grad school at MIT and Harvard.  While there, I started Visible Measures, and I got involved very early with 2 biotech startups: Sirtris Pharma (IPO, acquired by GSK) and Magen Biosciences (acquired by PPD).  Also while in grad school, I interned for Goldman Sachs, where I met some amazing folks who helped me get Visible Measures off the ground.  <— Lessoned learned: Advisors really help you!  Mentors have been everything to me in terms of helping me grow throughout my life and I am so grateful.

I have also been very fortunate to have been an advisor to and/or investor in a several startups and organizations including Hubspot, Lookery, DynomediaGeneral Catalyst PartnersShareaholicKibitsMisfit WearablesNextView Ventures, the 12×12 Program (twelvebytwelve.org), Techstars, the MIT Entrepreneurship Center (now Trust Center), the Tufts Entrepreneurial Leadership ProgramDisruptor Beam, Mapkin, Bedrock Data, Collaborate (Cisco), Tablelist, Drifft, KinsightsNimble, and many others.

I went to undergrad at Tufts University and earned my MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management (and didn’t finish a masters with Harvard). My goal in life is to be a good teammate, husband, friend, and father.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. hey Brian,
    it looks like you don’t update your site very often 🙂
    anyway, i’ve put this site into my Bloglines

  2. hi, i was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the BEP program. I am a consultant to the pharma/biotech industries and have been eyeing the program for a while now. Let me know.


  3. Hi my name is Billy Lynch and I am currently 15 years old, live in Mansfield,Ma, and are looking for you to invest in my new app. My app is called PhotoQuiz. Simply take a picture of something post it and people in a 30 mile radius of where you posted the photo have to guess where the photo was taken. I know with your experience this app can succeed.


    Billy Lynch

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