The Humility Imperative: CEOs, Keep Your Arrogance in Check

Dave Balter is one of the nice & cool CEOs on the startup scene in Boston.  I have known him for a while because our firms are both backed by General Catalyst Partners.

I respect Dave a lot for how he thinks and how he treats people.  In this awesome article he wrote for INC, Dave talks about how he got cocky as a CEO enjoying high growth and success. He discusses how his company may have failed if he did not correct his attitude and become more humble.

I think this advice is incredibly applicable to CEOs and to high performing people across the experience spectrum.  The willingness to learn, be coachable, optimistic, and work with a team toward a bigger goal are key characteristics of anyone who wants to grow, progress, and innovate. 

And big ups to Dave for the sale of his company! 


Unicorns and Tom Brady – a talk by Rob Go

Rob Go is one of the founders of NextView Ventures – a new seed stage “micro-vc” fund in Boston/Cambridge.  His partners are Lee Hower and David Beisel.  Talk about a small world: Dave and I actually went to the same high school outside of Pittsburgh PA.  Anyway, I’m honored to be an advisor to NextView and I think these guys are absolutely fantastic for the startup community around here.

Here is a talk that Rob gave recently about identifying great founders of startups: