Ad Revolution Interview on CNBC regarding the Business of Viral Video and the Shift to Consumer Control

Had fun in my first national tv appearance, albeit brief.  Julia was awesome and so well versed!!!  

They first showed many stats (all from Visible Measures!) about viral video (essentially marketers creating video content to be viewed and passed along online).  Then we talked a little about how brands are utilizing this emerging ad medium (viral video / social video is THE fastest growing ad segment period).

The Shift to Consumer Control:

In case you are not familar with Visible Measures, we are a video analytics and advertising technology company.  We measure the entire world of video and try to help publishers and advertisers maximize their impact in it. The big shift that is happening across all media is that consumers are in control – they can choose to watch whatever they want, whenever, and on whatever device.

This shift in power to the consumer can be unsettling to brands.  The traditional model with broadcast media enables a brand to get more “airtime” if they spend more.  But with consumers in control to choose, they will naturally gravitate to the highest quality or most “viewable” content.  With Viewable Media, our newly announced video ad network, we utilize our world of video data to help brands get chosen more often.  When consumers choose to watch branded content, EVERYONE wins.  Consumers get more engaging experiences, brands get 100’s of % points higher brand recall, and publishers end up making more money – which can hopefully enable internet video to remain mostly free.  




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