Inaugural “Entrepreneur’s Corner” in Mass High Tech – Mobile will drive growth!

I have long admired the drive and creativity of entrepreneurs…and I feel that the Boston area has a wealth of success stories.  But for some reason, a lot of those stories are not as well known as may be deserved.  Doug Banks and Jim Connolly of Mass High Tech worked with me to start a little column with the goal of highlighting Boston-area entrepreneurs and their startups.  I decided to start with mobile and over the coming months, I’ll be trying to profile various industry segments and companies and people who really should get more attention for their great work (even if they are a bit wary of the spotlight).


Here is an excerpt from the inaugural “Entrepreneur’s Corner” (Nov. 24, 2010)


The Boston area has been an innovation leader for several generations. Game-changing companies such as Wang, Digital, EMC and have redefined their industries. Yet entrepreneurs here typically maintain a low profile. Our goal with this column is to highlight some great startups and the entrepreneurs behind them to celebrate what makes this area special. 

Recent statistics indicate that there are more than 200 mobile startups in Massachusetts today. Additionally, several of the early leaders in mobile have had their roots in Boston. Companies like Enpocket (acquired by Nokia), Android (acquired by Google), and Quattro (acquired by Apple) all began here. Tremendous value has been created and has led to further success. M-Qube, a mobile marketing channel developer, sold to VeriSign in 2006 for $250 million. Four executives from m-Qube went on to found Quattro Wireless, which sold to Apple in a widely publicized deal for $270 million. 

Mobile advertising may be young, but it is growing fast. By 2012, mobile web users will surpass the number of PC-based web users. Though mobile advertising remains a relatively small percentage of the media spend for major brands, it won’t be for long: Experts predict that the mobile advertising market will reach $15 billion in four years, up from $1 billion in 2009.

Nexage Inc. and Jumptap Inc. are two companies that are driving mobile advertising…  Read more at Mass High Tech> 


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